Chin-Yi Chemicals Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned and marketing arm of Chin-Yi Co. Ltd (Taiwan) was founded by our Chairman and Inventor of CYC Series Formaldehyde Catcher, Mr Chien Wu Yung. He was actively involved in the research and development of this harmful organic compound since 15 years ago.

His exposures started with Shin-I Chemical (Taiwan) for 5 years specializing in formalin, glue, formcell and solvent. Then moving on to PT Sabah Indah glue plant, a member of Jambi Mugi Group only in glue. Thereafter, he joined PT Gerola Citra Kimia Abadi in Banjarmasin researching on formalin, glue and quality control for 9 years. Lastly, Chin-Yi Co.Ltd (Taiwan) was formed after serving 9 years with Hikmal Chemical Sdn Bhd (Shin-Yang Group) in Bintulu, Sarawak where he pioneered Shin-Yang Group into achieving JAS Certification in 1996.

Chin-Yi Chemicals Sdn Bhd was found in 1999 together with few partners from Malaysia. It boldly sprouts as one of the major players of Formaldehyde Catcher in East Malaysia, capturing a market rate of not less than 40% market share in this segment.

Our products has since been tested and proven that our quality and performance is equally good or if not better than other international brands.

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