CYC 5000 Series Product Overview – Plywood

CYC5000 series is an advance formulated Formaldehyde Catcher that is reliable and economically viable. It is also the simplest way in raising an average plywood Formaldehyde Emission Standard from JIS F** to JIS F****.

The following is the list of benefits using this product.

  • No log selection required. All high formaldehyde yellow species veneer can easily pass the JIS F**** test.
  • Can easily reduce formaldehyde emission up to 80%
  • A result of ** improvement is achievable
  • Will not affect critical parameters like bonding, moisture content & etc
  • Low dosage even on thick plywood
  • No curing time needed after coating
  • Proven long lasting reduction result.
  • Stable result even after sanding.
  • Compatible for any UF, MUF & LFE glues.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Longer chemical shelf life ( minimum 6 months ).
  • No health or environmental hazard.